Barbridge Inn 2 HPIM0760

Barbridge Inn HPIM0759

Bridge and boats HPIM0682

Bridge Norman maybe HPIM0780

Bridge over canal 3 HPIM0774

Bridge over canal 4 HPIM0775

Bridge over canal HPIM0772

Canada geese lead the way HPIM0703

Chris waits to board HPIM0683

Church and cemetery along canal HPIM0730

Church Winchel HPIM0781

Double bridges and reflections HPIM0692

Duck with topnotch Audlem locks HPIM0731

Flock of sheep 2 HPIM0698

Flock of sheep HPIM0697

Frank and Chris as pilots HPIM0689

Hedgerow up close 2 HPIM0745

Hedgerow up close HPIM0734

Hedgerow up close HPIM0744

House on canal 2 HPIM0799

House on canal HPIM0784

Kates on Middlewich Branch HPIM0769

Lambs 2 HPIM0705

Lambs 3 HPIM0706

Lambs HPIM0704

Lock 2 stage 1 HPIM0715

Lock 2 stage 2HPIM0716

Lock 2 stage 3 HPIM0717

Lock 2 stage 4 HPIM0718

Lock 2 stage 5 HPIM0719

Lock 2 stage 6 HPIM0720

Lock 2 stage 7 Dot HPIM0721

Lock 2 stage 8 Dot HPIM0722

Lock stage 4 HPIM0710

Lock stage 5 HPIM0711

Lock stage 6 HPIM0712

Lock who knows HPIM0724

Lock who knows staeg 2 HPIM0725

Lock who knows stage 3 HPIM0726

Locks wow Chris HPIM0723

Manor along canal 10 HPIM0778

manor along canal 11 HPIM0779

Manor along canal 12 HPIM0787

Manor along canal 13 HPIM0788

Manor along canal 14 HPIM0800

Manor along canal 15 HPIM0801

Manor along canal 2 HPIM0699

Manor along canal 3 HPIM0700

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