SW US Trip with Marion C. and Sue Hope

Flagstaff, Arizona, Stop 6

Wednesday, May 20

Today, we drove from Chinle to Flagstaff, a distance of about 180 miles and taking about three hours. We quickly located the Museum of Northern Arizona, inquired and were directed to the library division where the archives are held. One of the archivists provided us with the file on Edna Gregory and we found, to our amazement and delight, there were not two but SIX diaries! We split them up and each of us read through one. Fascinating! We arranged to have the diaries and some other stuff copied and mailed to us at home. During the arrangements, the archivist mentioned that Herbert Gregory had a building named in his honor.

Having accomplished our objective in Flagstaff early, we had a late lunch and decided to drive south to Sedona, Arizona for the night.

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