Alphabetical Indices for A

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To view the document (Abstract or Plat) on which a person, place or occupation appears, choose the appropriate category (individual, place, location, etc.) and occurrence from the alphabetical lists below.

(#) = Differentiation among multiple occurrences of any category
(?) = Uncertain Category
(AB) = Abstract for individual
(AN) = Mentioned in Annotation
(LA) = Individual owning lands adjacent to land platted for another person.
(O) = Occupation
(OO) = Other Owner
(P) = Place or Location Name
(PL) = Land Plat for individual
(PO) = Previous Owner
(R) = Representative for Owner
(S) = Surveyor


Abercorn Creek (P1) (P2) (P3) (P4) (P5) (P6) (P7) (P8) (P9) (P10) (P11) (P12) (P13) (P14) (P15) (P16) (P17) (P18) (P19) (P20) (P21) (P22)
Abercorn, District of (P1) (P2) (P3) (P4) (P5) (P6) (P7) (P8)
Abercorn Street (P)
Abercorn, Village of (P1) (P2) (P3) (P4) (P5) (P6) (P7) (P8) (P9) (P10) (P11) (P12) (P13) (P14)
Adams, Abraham (LA)
Adams, Abraham Jr. (AB)
Alexander, William (LA)
Alfstetter, Gasper (LA)
Allison, Wm. (PL)
Alther, William (PL)
Alther, Wm. (PL)
Anaugusta (P)
Anderson, James (PL)(AB)
Andrew, Joseph (PL)
Antrobus, Thomas (LA)
Arnsdorff, _____ (LA)
Arnsdorff, Peter (AB) (LA)
Arnsdorft, Peter (AB) (LA)
Arnsthorffer, Peter (LA)
Arthur, Francis (PL1) (PL2) (PL3) (AB) (LA1) (LA2) (LA3)
Arthur, Fran's (PL)
Arven, Francis (AB1) (AB2) (LA1) (LA2)
Arvin, Francis (AB) (LA)
Ash, Hannah (wife of Matthias) (AB)
Ash, Matthias (PL) (AB1) (AB2) (LA1) (LA2)
Asham (LA)
Ashand (LA)
Ashperger, David (AB) (LA1) (LA2)
Augusta (P)
Austeter, Gasper (AB)
Austeter, Jasper (PL)
Austin, Cornelius (AB)

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