G.M. Hope

I became seriously interested in Nature/Wildlife photography about thirty-five years ago as an extension of the micro- and macro-photography I was doing professionally as a vision research scientist. Much of my photography has, naturally, been close to home in Florida but I travel fairly frequently, often expressly for the purpose of experiencing new photographic challenges and finding new subjects. Even when traveling for business or other purposes, I usually find time to exercise my photographic interests. Originally, of course, all of my photography was film based and, while I have done color from slide (Ilfochrome) as well as black and white dark room printing in the past, I have now completely shifted to digital printing processes. Now that high resolution digital SLR cameras have become available, I have completely succumbed to digital photography.

Over the years, I have accumulated a large library of both digital and Kodachrome images of nature, wildlife, Scenery and related natural subjects. If you need images in these general subject classes, please contact me (gmhope@cox.net).

My wife is into genealogy and family history in a big way. Somewhere along the way, I found that one can only spend so much time sitting in the corner reading comic books while one's spouse pursues her genealogy fix. Sure enough, I started looking at genealogy stuff and got a little hooked too. I have posted some of the information I have found, been given or just swiped (grin). If you want to follow up on any of the family lines on this site or have information you would not mind sharing, please contact me (gmhope@ufl.edu). I always enjoy communicating with others interested in my family lines. Heck, we may even be cousins!
Me 'n Rufus on a ride down into Roaring Spring Canyon at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. (Rufus is the one without the hat)
(Photo by Dorothy Hope)

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