SW US Trip with Marion C. and Sue Hope

Santa Fe New Mexico, Stop 4

Sunday May 17

We drove to Santa Fe - 750 miles, the longest single day drive on the trip - on Sunday. We arrived relatively late, went to a Mexican Restaurant for dinner and turned in - very tired. Next morning, we went to the square in old Santa Fe and wandered around the shops and displays for a while.

Sue and Dot bought a few things while Marion Cone and I mostly just watched the crowd and talked to the Native American Vendors. One of the nice things about this market is that all of the products sold on the walkway here are guaranteed to be hand made by the Native American Indian selling them.

We then sauntered over to the Loretto Chapel a block or two off the square. The Loretto Chapel is famous for its spiral staircase which is built with no nails, only pegs, and makes two 360 spirals with no obvious support.

Loretta Chapel

We left the square and, after lunch at a local Applebys, headed for Arizona and Chinle. We would like to find a guide today and, hopefully, locate the Hope Arch and Edna's Needle tomorrow

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