SW US Trip with Marion C. and Sue Hope

Start: Sarasota, Florida - or Stop 1

Wednesday, May 13

Sarasota, while clearly not the SW US, became the starting point for our trip. Marion Cone and Sue had indicated an interest in seeing Stephen's current show, Laughing Matters 2009, at the Florida Studio Theaters Sarasota. So, killing two birds with one stone, we went down to Sarasota and took in the show. The show is one of a series of locally produced spoofs on virtually everything in recent and current news, Sarasota history and anything else worth a little satire. This one, written in the fall and early winter, was heavy on national politics but had a lot of local flavor too - as usual for this series. (Photographs from the Florida Studio Theaters web site (www.floridastudiotheater.com)


We got to spend a little time with Stephen, then left for the SW the next morning, Thursday the 14th. We headed for our first stop, New Orleans, after a brief pause in Gainesville to transfer to the Jeep.

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